Don’t Mind the Mind

10 Nov, 2014 | 15:05

The ego is fired but he keeps showing up for work. We have to get used to him coming and going, and in some way we should not mind this subtle tension. To mind it too much brings you back into the person — it brings back something that can be disappointed, which is not the pure Consciousness.
The ego cannot live without interest from you, without identification, which came because you were distracted from your true state.
Some tension will always stay there that will keep exercising your spiritual muscle.
Somebody once asked my master: ‘Papaji, you often talked about vigilance,but for you in your case, do you have to be vigilant?’
And he said:‘To my very last breath’.
This vigilance is not a work, it is a joy.
Whenever the mind goes out to something you simply stay in a state of Self-remembrance. Let the attention be there.

A video extract from the Satsang DVD ‘God Bless McDonalds’
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal 31 May 2014, Session 1

Music: ‘You’ by Krishnabai from the album ‘Into the Deep Blue’