Laughing Buddha(s) 2

5 Nov, 2014 | 10:48

After the warm welcome to our first LAUGHING BUDDHA video, it would have been a shame not to pursue with sharing those amazing moments of liberating laughter… They were quite frequent during satsang with Papaji, and so are they with dear Moojiji.

This is an extract from:
Be the Buddha with No Bliss

31st May 2010 (Session 2), Brixton, London.

Instead of reading the Avadhuta Gita only, Mooji starts with an unusually detailed commentary on its verses: You are the one Purity, you are not the mind, not the body… but the conscious presence, ‘I AM’ has become distorted through identification with the body and mind phenomena. A questioner relates his path of ‘issues and tissues’ until Mooji interrupts and sent all of it into ‘the land of was’. Even if we don’t feel bliss, we are still the choiceless self… we don’t need any ‘Buddha Certificate’. Even if we see the world as a movie, there is still a subtle form of ‘me’-self. What is aware of it?
Another questioner triggers uproars of laughter in the room, as his question crumbles each time he attempts to present it as, “The question was…” After the laughter settles, Mooji emphasises: “The question WAS!” …

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