Fasten Your Seat Belt, You’re Coming Home to Yourself

15 Nov, 2017 | 12:27

15 October 2017

In this impromptu and intimate sitting, Moojibaba explains that that which is untrue in us can only persist because it has so far been undetected. We are offered a few simple questions for us to contemplate.

“If these questions begin to happen in you, it is going to expose all that is not true. Fasten your seat belt because it is going to be a bumpy ride. Some people may think it was better before. No, it was not better before. The false is now uncomfortable, it is now exposed.

It does not matter how subtle or complex the ego manifests, don’t worry because that which is in you is far transcendental to it. You made the choice, ‘I choose to be free.’

As soon as you taste the fruit of your own being—that taste—then all the tastes that were coming through the ego-mind become like stale food for you. Then alone we can bear the bumpy ride, because you know you are winning your Self back.”

This video is an excerpt from the Satsang:
Beyond Bound, Beyond Free–The Natural State

This Satsang and many other intimate and spontaneous talks are available through Sahaja Express.