Home and You Are the Same Thing

18 Sep, 2018 | 49:19

During a guest period in Monte Sahaja, Moojibaba calls the Sangha together for a spontaneous meeting. Reflecting on his experience through ‘the Invitation,’ a questioner states that he still feels he needs to deepen or relax more into the ‘Is-ness.’

Moojibaba points out that so long as there is the sense of a personal ‘I,’ this duality between ourselves and the ‘Is-ness’ will persist. Gradually you come to see that even the sense of coming into and coming out of the ‘Is-ness’ is perceived from a deeper space.

“This is the beauty of the Invitation—at the end of listening to the Invitation, who are you? What is left, what is there? A person with a nice experience? It can be, but what I hope you will come to see is that there is no definitions holding on to what you are, there is no sense of any boundary or limit.

Rumi says, ‘The one who brought me here must take me home.’ Who is the one who brought you here? That Grace is calling you home. Where is home, which direction is home? You and home are the same thing.”


10 September 2018
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

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