My Heart’s Joy Is Seeing You Remembering and Confirming What You Came Here For

28 Apr, 2019 | 1:59:51

SATSANG OF THE WEEK – 28 April 2019

This Satsang is rich in its varied themes, as Sangha members come forward to not only bring their questions, but also to speak about transcending egoic states and about the burning that is experienced for the attainment of freedom, and what is perceived to be in the way their transcendence.

Moojibaba addresses these in a variety of ways, by offering clear guidance, with anecdotes and funny stories, spontaneous utterances and a guided meditation. Mooji makes it clear, again and again, that the quintessence of truth can be caught in a few simple sentences.

“A habit to give the same reading from the same place, re-appears and is perceived by that which is constant – but not acknowledged. Enough has been shared that you can now go and work with this again—to again apply the same pointer. Sit with it. Gradually that confirmation deepens and then the ghost story is coming to an end.”

27 April 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal