The Seeker, Seeking Him, Loses Himself in the Discovery

19 May, 2019 | 1:18:06

“Catch the root of all problems – this is the master medicine.” 

From the outset of Satsang, we find ourselves at the heart of Mooji’s pointings. We are shown that each question one holds can be pulled into all other questions and falls away as we remember our true place. Through the guidance of a short and simple meditation we discover how easy it is to drop everything. 

“God put the power in you to come home to the truth of yourself. This is the only place where we can be One.” 

Music before Satsang: Shivoham, sung by Radha (available on the album Sahaja Samadhi

Music after Satsang: Let It Be So (not available on an album yet) and Beloved One by Krishna Prasad (available on the album Beloved One

This talk is an excerpt from the Satsang, In the Core of Your Being Dwells He—The Supreme Self
Available on Sahaja Express