Train the Mind to Merge in Heart Consciousness

1 Jan, 2024 | 1:29:42

We are very happy to share this powerful Satsang with Moojibaba which took place on New Year’s Eve. Moojibaba invites us to celebrate the New Year in the highest way: in contemplation of the eternal, timeless Self.

Mooji reads from the Avadhuta Gita and offers powerful pointers and a blessing for all who are drawn to Truth. The Satsang culminates in Mooji guiding us through a powerful sitting exercise.

31 December 2023 ~ 1 January 2024
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Reading from the Avadhuta Gita

14 min

Powerful satsang pointers and a blessing for the sangha

10 min

A beautiful start to the New Year: an invitation to sit

4 min

Sitting exercise (5 minutes)

5 min

Sitting exercise (10 minutes)

11 min

Sitting exercise (15 minutes)

18 min

Sitting exercise (5 minutes)

10 min

Closing words

13 min