You Are Sahaja Itself — The Natural State

10 May, 2020 | 28:26

When a close sangha member shares a heartfelt testimony, Moojibaba calls this the true way of conversing: “This is Satsang, in fact.”

In this authentic conversation Moojibaba reflects on what a sage truly is and how, through this guidance, you can find out who you are. He also reflects on the power of meeting his own Master and what the ashram of Monte Sahaja means to him.

“Sahaja became our physical home, but we were the ashram inside ourselves first. It became a place for me that I regard as a holy place, but WE are still the ashram. We are still Sahaja, because Sahaja means the natural state. So the land of Sahaja is only the body of the formless Sahaja, which is ourselves.”

1 May 2020
Monte Sahaja, Portugal