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Podcast: Use the Light of the ‘I’ to See Your Self

Moojibaba powerfully reveals the quintessence of his pointing in this Satsang. “The mind is inviting you from I to take another step, and I tell you no, stop in this ‘I’. Be one with it, observe, feel. You may feel a lot of I-person coming up, so much relation, so much projection, so much interpretation. […]

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Podcast: The Understanding That Showers Blessing Upon the World

During a retreat Satsang, Moojibaba reads some letters from online participants – the first letter starts with a deep urge to understand a question: “If ‘I’ as Is-ness is not the doer, how does it appear that things are done?” “The doer functions on behalf of the Is-ness – it is the Source. As the […]

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Podcast: You Are the Journey, the Destination and the Awakening

“When I ask the question, ‘Can the perceiver be perceived,’ it’s terrifying me.” This finding is brought by a questioner to Moojibaba and we are invited to look at this together. The pointings deepen as a second questioner joins the conversation. The crystal-clear revelations and spontaneous utterances which follow serve our understanding and leave us […]

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Podcast: Silent Sitting — God Is Infinite Awareness

This podcast offers a beautiful opportunity to be in silent sitting and prayer with Moojibaba. The guidance is immediate and simple and we find ourself in the deep silence of our true nature, resting as the pure consciousness of being. “It is the attention that bears witness that This is. May what we call our […]

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Podcast: The Seeker Becomes the Discovery

In this powerful and introspective talk, Moojibaba conducts a deep discussion about the phenomenon of perception, as he points us to a non-dualistic recognition. “This question ‘can the perceiver be perceived?’ is a very powerful question… it’s not a mental question. As you start to look, even if you start off mentally, your orientation begins […]

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Podcast: The Pure Joy of Awakening

Moojibaba has a spontaneous meeting with a devotee and these beautiful reflections and utterances emerge. “The perceiver and the Is-ness, they must be one, at a point. The Is-ness can only be perceived by Is-ness. When the attention is allowed to be guided through these pointers back to the first expression and prior to the […]

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Podcast: How Long Will It Take You to Come to Nothing?

In this short yet potent talk, two devotees come forward to speak with Moojibaba. Through the Master’s wisdom and grace, we are encouraged and guided to make full use of the powerful questions that arise and we are shown that in dropping everything, a deep silence is evoked and our true being remains. “We have […]

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Podcast: Is Your Person a Fact or Fiction?

During a Sunday Satsang at Monte Sahaja, a father comes up and speaks to Moojibaba about the strong attachment he has for his child, and the distraction he feels it has caused from his spiritual life. “You love your daughter, this is totally righteous, but attachment is something else, and it’s good that we don’t […]

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Podcast: Mooji on Addiction – The Greatest Drug Is the Addiction to ‘I’

In this auspicious interaction, which takes place during the May Zmar Silent retreat, a questioner brings forth a sincere request to discover his true place as the Is-ness and to be free from ongoing addiction. During this podcast, Moojibaba guides us through both the ‘Invitation’ and a powerful guided inquiry, that deconstructs the addict identity […]

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Podcast: The Thinker Itself Is a Thought

During a Sahaja retreat, a devotee confesses, “I found that the thinker doesn’t exist”, to this Moojibaba replies: “The thinker itself is a thought, but you must come to it profoundly. Identity is also a thought, ego is also thought. Don’t collect any thoughts. Make use of them, stay empty. Observing each and everything passing, […]

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