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You Are Very Well Without You

When the power of Grace is felt, the person with its problems and its desires is not there. That ´s why everything feels so perfect; that´s why you feel so happy and peaceful. You are very well without you. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London  

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Become Empty

Truth is not sealed inside words or concepts. You cannot understand this world; you cannot understand yourself in that way. Not conceptually. You cannot figure out anything. The trouble is, you think you can. When the mind, the identity is again united into the Self there is spontaneous knowledge, intuitive knowledge which is not in […]

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Even Your Breath is Love

“The body eats raw food – food that can decay, just like the body decays. The mind eats thought, emotion. The spirit eats bliss, contemplation. The supreme does not eat; It cannot be eaten. You have to be a bit crazy to resonate with Truth, meaning to not set borders for yourself. What a paradox […]

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Kissed From Within

There has to be something in life that makes you throw everything away for it, something that gives you the incentive and the motive to leave behind your history. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja  

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No Vasana for the Being

“Nothing actually stops you from being what you are except the belief in your own thoughts… what Is, Is, without requiring perfecting”. Mooji addresses common misconceptions about awakening

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The Joy and the Freedom of Being – Part 3

The conclusions of this talk, which is much more than an interview. It is a beautiful Satsang. An interview recorded by Here Now TV; This interview is presented in 3-parts.

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The One Who Is Always Here

“‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ — Jesus said this. A human being has the potential to reach that level of insight in order to say these words without shame, without pretense that: ‘I Am That; I am the way; there isn’t a way apart from me except as a projection. I […]

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Don’t Identify With Anything

Don´t even identify with ‘I’. See if you can find what I is. And the one who is searching to find the I, can that one be found? The enquiry undresses you from the layers that we have put around our being to make us appear presentable, acceptable, plausible. Have some courage, throw everything into […]

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Let Me Belong Only To You

The one who surrenders and lets go, the one who is a servant of the universe, without arrogance, this one, is taken care of by life itself. The sun takes care of him, the rain takes care of him, the wind takes care of him, the earth takes care of him, the travelers take care […]

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The Sage’s Mind Is Dead And Fully Alive

Every sentence is a door going back into the same room. A room you never leave, except by imagination. A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja  

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