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Break the Spine of This Delusion

If you look to your consciousness, you see that everything is perfectly fine. And you see that most things that we worry about – physical, psychological, emotional, mental – is just the mind, playing it’s games.You are going to get it for a while, like you have to go through some tight space to come […]

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Offer Up Yourself Inside Your Own Yes

You cannot learn the self, you can only discover. Open your heart fully to the all possible…don’t try to understand why and how and if and but…just hold in your heart that your life can be miraculous…don’t try to explain everything, just come to this fire, fully. However diverse the ways of consciousness plays through […]

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Live this Life as the Living Truth

The conciousness has to get over its own projections. The more you carry on the more you strengthen your belief, the more you perpetuate and strengthen your identity. The more you complain about it the more you give it strength. The more you push it away the more you give it reality. But when you […]

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Parables of Christ — Rise as the Harmony of God

This play is going on over and over again, every day. We are being led into the wilderness. First you’re being baptised, then you go into the wilderness. You’re going to be tempted, but you must rise up again. But not as the old you–not even as a new you! But as the timeless one… […]

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Go to the Source

What really is, can never not be. What is not, can never be. Much of what we experience only exists in our minds. We cannot call this real. We perceive according to our conditioning but to meet from the source we have to be open and empty. We cannot discuss reality, we can only be […]

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Be Silent in Your Heart

“Don’t make an appointment with freedom. If you’re looking for freedom I serve you first. Be silent inside your heart.” “Only what is constant is important, all the rest is not. Everything is being watched from here. And here and you are the same. Leave everything else. Keep concentrating on this. Be this place, look […]

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Cut the Umbilical Cord to Identity

“If you cut the umbilical cord to this psychological identity, it cannot live! Who is really suffering this? See if you can identify without using imagination, is there really something suffering this? Let your power stay only in the witness and see. When you beat it, you see it is nothing. You feel—‘If I can […]

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You Are This Life

You, the consciousness, the soul of God, you have to wake up from this dream that you are this person, who is a mind built person, having his own mind projections about life, and missing life, being blind to the real life, that it is you, you are this life. You are this life. There […]

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Who’s Sight Is Enough To Replace All Stories

Once you put the name on it as ‘I’, something from you stepped inside that space and said, ‘Yeah this is me.’ But at the same time it is watched. So which is the stronger watching? The one that puts on the ‘I’ and then begins to move in the world? Or that which is […]

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Go Before ‘I’

Spontaneous Satsang recorded on the 26th of August, 2014 at Monte Sahaja, Portugal. “I am not committed to any concept, not relying on any concept at all. How is it possible? Not even the concept of ‘I.’ Before the concept of ‘I,’ how can time come? Time came after I came. So if ‘I’ cause […]

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