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last updated 14 June, 2016

Mooji Answers - Intro This 'Mooji Answers' page has been created to present, via online media, Mooji's responses and answers to the numerous questions sent to him from seekers worldwide. We hope that in this way many others may have their doubts cleared by embracing and following his guidance and perennial wisdom. Mooji talks about this in the Intro video. 

Please note that where names are mentioned, we have used each questioner's first name only so that they may identify their own question while remaining anonymous. Each one may be assured that any private details shared with Mooji are held in confidence.

In order to preserve the freshness of these responses, we have done only the minimal editing necessary. Enjoy!

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How Can I Ask A Question?

In recent years, Sri Mooji has received and responded to many email letters that came to ‘Mooji Answers’. His responses to these questions have been recorded on video and shared freely on the internet for everyone to benefit.

At this time, Sri Mooji asks that we do not send any more questions. He feels that anyone who watches and carefully listens to the abundance of material already recorded and shared on this page and elsewhere on the internet will be able to find the answers to their own questions.

So, please do not send new questions to ‘Mooji Answers’ email for now ().

Om Shanti

Your Heart Chose Your Master (2:00:38) 26th December 2015
True Strength Is a Heart Full of Trust (Tea Satsang) (03:54:12) 18th October 2015
What Does God Look Like? Like You Without Ego (Tea Satsang) (03:26:12) 11th October 2015
See You in the Mirror (Tea Satsang) (02:48:25) 4th October 2015
Never Is This World Without Those Who Love Truth and God (Tea Satsang) (01:35:32) 13th September 2015
Without Seeing the Self Phenomenally, You Know It Absolutely (Tea Satsang) (01:59:06) 6th September 2015
Your Life Is the Evidence of the Living God (Tea Satsang) (02:32:09) 5th July 2015
Thank You for Not Being There for Me (Tea Satsang) (02:44:40) 28th June 2015
In the Bosom of the Lord (Tea Satsang) (02:33:31) 21st June 2015
I Googled, 'Who Am I?' and found Ramana and Mooji (Tea Satsang) (01:50:09) 14th June 2015
From Limit to Limitless to Unbound (Tea Satsang) (02:42:49) 7th June 2015
My Path Is a No-Path Path - I Am Not Going Anywhere (Tea Satsang) (01:45:19) 31st May 2015
Go, Your Faith Has Healed You (Tea Satsang) (02:01:08) 10th May 2015
Hallelujah to Truth (Tea Satsang) (02:01:08) 3rd May 2015
Mooji Answers - How to be free from this night-time fear? (Recorded at Monte Sahaja, Portugal on the 20th of January 2015) (42:29) 30th January 2015
Mooji Answers - Life is hanging on a thread (Recorded at Monte Sahaja, Portugal on the 20th of January 2015) (01:00:57) 27th January 2015
Mooji Answers - Why do we all forget our true identity and build a false self? (06:08) 16th January 2015
Mooji Answers - I am asking for your help for the Absolute to be revealed (06:13) 16th January 2015
Mooji Answers - Could the ego wish to transcend the ego? (03:06) 16th January 2015
Mooji Answers - Stand In your seeing (01:20:27) 7th January 2015
How to express that love without 'an other'? (04:58) 6th January 2015
Happy Eternity! (Tea Satsang) (02:32:08) 4th January 2015
Merge With the Beloved Inside Your Heart (Tea Satsang) (02:14:53) 28th December 2014
I'm searching and I am lost. Is this all just another delusion of the mind? (filmed at Monte Sahaja in Portugal, 26th November 2014) (07:13) 26th December 2014
The Joy of the Self is Unmatched (Tea Satsang) (02:25:30) 21st December 2014
As Soon as 'You' Die, You Are Fully Alive (Tea Satsang) (02:18:57) 14th December 2014
Can Awakening Really Be So Simple? DON'T MISS! (Tea Satsang) (02:02:12) 7th December 2014
Is the Buddha, Christ and Lord Shiva in this Room? (Tea Satsang) (02:49:31) 30th November 2014
Nothing Overwhelms the One Who Sees (Tea Satsang) (02:14:00) 23rd November 2014
I Salute the Spirit that Brought You to Satsang (Tea Satsang) (02:05:19) 19th October 2014
Stay in Your Yes, Live Your Life in Yes (Tea Satsang) (02:49:18) 12th October 2014
Love Makes Truth Come Alive (Tea Satsang) (01:52:16) 5th October 2014
Truth is the Language, Love is the Climate, Understanding is the Currency (Tea Satsang) (01:48:58) 14th September 2014
Mooji Answers Broadcast, Part 1 (01:46:40) 11th September 2014
Mooji Answers Broadcast, Part 2 (53:26) 11th September 2014
Try this Posture, It Works Immediately! (Tea Satsang) (02:06:03) 31st August 2014
The Whole of Existence Is Your Sangha (Tea Satsang) (01:52:05) 24th August 2014
How Can I Transcend My Fear of Evil Spirits? (09:07) 21st August 2014
Don't Be a Time-Traveller, Be Timeless! (Tea Satsang) (01:31:35) 17th August 2014
Is This Panic That Follows Deep Insight Normal? (21:26) 16th August 2014
Thank You for Showing Me That This Discovery Is Possible For Absolutely Everyone Who Is Open (01:14) 16th August 2014
"The First Shall Be the Last and the Last Shall Be the First" Thank You Mooji... (03:00) 16th August 2014
Please Let Me Be in Your Family (00:49) 16th August 2014
Please Help Me to Go Beyond This Pain and Have the Courage to Go "All the Way" (01:27) 16th August 2014
Mooji answers, Thank You for Showing Me the Stateless State (12:15) 16th August 2014
Is This "Watching the Watcher" Another Trick of the Mind? (13:48) 16th August 2014
Deepest Gratitude from My Heart (01:28) 16th August 2014
How Can I Prevent Myself from Getting Tripped up and Losing My Connection? (05:02) 16th August 2014
Is It Normal to Feel This Intense and Painful Thirst for God? (07:17) 16th August 2014
Is the Self Free of Concepts and Predestination? (05:54) 16th August 2014
Isn't Witnessing also a "Doing"? (07:02) 16th August 2014
I Have a lot of Sadness and I Cry, but Should I Just Watch It and Not Cry? (12:08) 16th August 2014
How Can I Help My Husband to Be More in Touch with His Divine Nature? (08:51) 16th August 2014
How to Find this Abundance? Abandon Yourself (Tea Satsang) (01:31:56) 10th August 2014
May Your Light Shine Brightly in This World (Tea Satsang) (01:20:03) 3rd August 2014
I Am – the Way Beyond Ways (Tea Satsang) (01:25:23) 27th July 2014
Forgiveness Is at the Heart of Human Greatness (Tea Satsang) (01:51:40) 20th July 2014
I Have Only Good News for You (Tea Satsang) (01:10:14) 13th July 2014
Forget About Spirituality and Sing Me A Nice Song (Tea Satsang) (01:32:58) 6th July 2014
The Unknown Doesn't Know Anything (Tea Satsang) (01:53:18) 29th June 2014
The Fastest Way to Be a Sage (Tea Satsang) (01:52:56) 22nd June 2014
When mind comes back after awakening (05:38) 19th June 2014
Is there a global I? (06:33) 19th June 2014
Show me how to open the door (05:25) 19th June 2014
Pray for my liberation (08:16) 19th June 2014
Thank you for everything Mooji (04:08) 19th June 2014
If I let go will all the right things come to me? (05:39) 19th June 2014
Please release me from evil spirits (09:20) 19th June 2014
Who is the one that is seeing the witness? (04:54) 19th June 2014
Guruji am I on the Right Track? (08:36) 19th June 2014
The Lord will take care of Everything... (05:05) 19th June 2014
I am NO-BODY (02:49) 19th June 2014
Is Love Beyond Awareness? (11:59) 19th June 2014
What is the significance of seemingly unhelpful synchronicities? (14:03) 1st May 2014
Is there something I can do? (18:15) 1st May 2014
I feel afraid to copletely let go... (13:15) 1st May 2014
Is the desire to help others holding me back from Truth? (11:57) 1st May 2014
How can I become finder? (05:52) 1st May 2014
How may I become your desciple? (01:12) 1st May 2014
When You Meet Silence You Have Nothing to Say (Tea Satsang) (01:54:56) 26th January 2014
Too Much Love, Too Much Joy to Give! Who will Take It? (Tea Satsang) (02:26:08) 19th January 2014
Divorce the Mind and Marry Your Heart (Tea Satsang) (01:36:04) 12th January 2014
Mysterious, Magical, Tremendous Life (Tea Satsang) (01:57:15) 5th January 2014
A Speedy Liberation, Part 1 (01:16:12) 29th December 2013
A Speedy Liberation, Part 2 (05:04) 29th December 2013
Satsang with Mooji (01:48:21) 26th December 2013
Merry Christ-mas and a Happy Now Here (Tea Satsang) (02:09:01) 22nd December 2013
The Highest Aspect of Duality is to Be in Love with God (Tea Satsang) (02:00:10) 15th December 2013
If You Go to the Heart of Your Problem, the Problem Disappears (Tea Satsang) (01:26:01) 8th December 2013
This Question Will Kill Death Itself (Tea Satsang) (01:29:37) 6th October 2013
Be Drunk in the Holy Spirit (Tea Satsang) (01:42:22) 29th September 2013
Mooji Answers recorded (01:01:34) 25th September 2013
A Place Where Nothing Happens (Tea Satsang) (01:33:37) 22nd September 2013
Thank you. I Am Free! (Tea Satsang) (01:41:30) 1st September 2013
The Highest Discovery is the Simplest (Tea Satsang) (01:09:46) 18th August 2013
The President Should Read This Letter (Tea Satsang) (01:36:25) 11th August 2013
Stop Trying to Become What You Are Not! (Tea Satsang) (01:20:58) 28th July 2013
How to transcend panic and anxiety disorder? audio
Who can I pray to when I need the comfort of God? audio
Is it okay to only want to be absorbed in Satsang? audio
Can you help me to overcome sorrow and loneliness? audio
Is it possible to be free and live in the world at the same time? audio
How to forgive my parents and transcend the negative conditioning caused by them? audio
Is there a teaching that can help me to overcome the pain of having an abusive mother? audio
If I Am Only The Seer, What Do Jesus' Words Mean For Me?  
Can You Help Me To Witness My Thoughts And Emotions?  
What Can One Do To Fix A Broken Heart? 
Is The Animating Presence In The Body The Same As The Self? 
Why Do I Still Feel Stuck In Suffering And Confusion?  
Why Do I Feel This Burning In The Body? 
Can the Perceiver Be Perceived? My Experience is that It Cannot Be Perceived. 
Does the Present Moment Encapsule All That We Are? 
How Can I Enter Into the Absolute? 
Can You Help Me to Finally Recognize What I Am? 
How Could the Infinite Be Confused by the Limited Mind? 
Can Love Also Contain Pain? 
When Does Inquiry End? 
Who And What Is There That Can Practice (Sadhana)? 
Should I Send My Children to School or Home-School Them (Part I)? 
Should I Send My Children to School or Home-School Them (Part II)? 
How to Find That Place Which Is Effortlessly At Rest Within Itself? 
What is it that Undergoes Many Life Cycles? 
Should I Continue With My Meditation Practice? 
My Father Was Self-Realized. He is Speaking to Me Again Through You. 
Why Does It Feel Like an Earthquake is Erupting Inside When I Listen to Satsang? 
I Have Been Searching For 40 Years -- Why Do I Still Feel This Gap Inside? 
Unexpected Reactions 
What does All the Way Mean? 
Mooji, I Want to Walk with You 
Giving Control to Counsciousness 
Chronic Worry 
I Get Lost in Other 
100% Without Doubt 
Illusion of Separateness 
Unanswered Questions, Submitted in Tiruvanmnamalai 2012:
Guide Me How to Live this Prayer 
What Is the Difference Between Self and Intuition? 
Who Is Thankful? 
Is Enlightenment beyond Love, Peace and Contentment?  
What Does Family Mean?  
Why Do People Look for a Master?  
Is Nothingness the Source of All?  
I Would Love to Meditate Close to You  
Can I Realise the Truth Through Samadhi?  
There Is a lot of Sadness with the Death of Parents  
Illuminate Me About Forgiveness  
How to Use Pain to Find the Way Home?  
Is There a Difference Between the Self of the Hindus and the Buddhists?  
May I Keep You In My Heart Forever? 
I Am Not Yet Established In the Self  
Should I Just Keep Watching?  
I Want to Be Free!  
Is Consciousness Always Constant?  
How to Improve My Wordly Life?  
Is It Enough to Hold the Sense 'I Am'?  
Is It Natural to Feel Sadness?  
I Cannot Meditate  
Don´t Be Polite, Finish My Ego!  
How to Tell My Children Their Parents Will Separate? 
My Peace and Silence Frightens My Friends 
Am I Going Mad?  
How to Remove Anger and Still Remain Aware?  
Identity Must End Somehow. Why Not Now?  
What to Do in A Spiritual Emergency?  
Why It Seems So Difficult to Overcome Mind?  
Should Feelings Be Ignored and Should I Remain Aware, Only?  
Is It Important to Devote Time to Meditation?  
How Can I Be the Self if I'm Taking Pills that Remind Me that I Am Mentally Sick?  
Other Questions:
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Will Any Additional Practices Help Me With Inquiry? 8:00
Why is Self-Inquiry Becoming Increasingly Difficult? 6:19
My 11 Year Old Son Died Recently. I Feel An Urge In Me To Be United And Complete With Him 8:06
I Play Computer Games... And Meditate 6:31
All My Questions And Longings Disappear Before The 'I' Of Consciousness. Am I Fooling Myself? 6:07
Is There Something Beyond 'Am-ness'? 5:24
Am I That? 3:42
I Find it Difficult to Stay as Awareness 3:56
How Do We Reach That State Of Realisation? 5:19
What Is The Difference Between Contemplation And Thinking 3:25
Why Do I Feel Tension While Doing Self-Enquiry? 8:35
Does One Have to Sit In Satsang To Discover The Truth? 6:14
Is There Really Such A State As Liberation? 7:24
Why Do Fears Arise In Meeting You? 4:25
How Can I Get Rid of the Mind? 4:21
What Causes Awakening to Happen? 5:10
I Want Freedom. Please Can You Help Me? 7:43
If I Am the Self, Why Am I Not Convinced of This?11:33
Are These Doubts Helpful in My Contemplation?10:52
Is the Witness Weakening?10:41
How To Step Out Of Identification? 6:02
I Want To Hear That I Am Free 4:01
Is It Enough To Keep Quiet 8:31
When Will The Answer Come? 5:31
I Feel Thrown Between Personal Life And Being 5:23
How To Be Conscious Of My Natural Sense Of Presence? 4:19
Where Is The Dividing Line Between Consciousness And Mind? 3:51
How To Know That I Am Awake? 4:46
How Can Presence Be Perceived? 5:00
How To Handle Fear? 4:49
Where Am I Stuck? 5:32
Am I Walking in the Right Direction? 7:47
How Do I Stop My Child From Suffering? 6:38
Can You Help Me With Physical Manifestations Of Fear? 6:02
How Can I Stop Judging The Images I Have Of Myself? 3:50
How Do I Resolve Underlying Fears? 6:38
In Discovering Truth, Why Are My Interests Fading? 5:29
When The Self Is Seen The World Is Not Seen. How Can This Be? 4:22
How Do I Meet God? 2:10
Is There Nothing We Can Do To Attain Self Realisation? 5:32
Is It Recommended To Use Several Spiritual Practices? 5:25
Why Does My Partner Feel Threatened By My Spirituality? 6:02
Does One Live A Normal Existence After Enlightenment? 4:35
What Is The True Meaning Of Being Still And Without Identity? 5:54
Why Do Difficulties Still Remain In My Life? 6:00
Is Freedom From Thought Freedom From Ego? 7:08
Will I ever be free of thought? 6:39
Why Do I Keep Forgetting My Self? 8:51
Does Feeling Fear Mean I Shouldn't Come To Satsang? 4:50
Pain Brings Me Back To Ego... 13:17
Even Interest For Satsang Is Going 7:13
How To Be In The Larger Consciousness? 8:00
I Don't Feel Connected To Awareness... 8:24
I Do Not Want to Wear My Ego Anymore 11:07
What To Do With Arrogance? 4:21
What Is This Tiredness I Feel After Satsang? 7:01
Help me dive fully into Truth! 5:41
How Do I Keep Myself Quiet? 5:31
How do I remain in the world but not of it? 4:35
My Mind is Winning 11:17
Am I being dragged away from the purpose of Inquiry? 6:04
Is Love Coming from Ego? 12:04
Overcoming Addictions 5:22
I have run out of moves5:42
I Am Suffering Life7:41
My Mind is becoming Stronger8:03
Can I Exist without the Body?4:37
Is it okay to watch your videos everyday?4:51
Do Things Exist?7:02
The Gift of Being Lost6:05
Free Will6:27
Monkey on the Shoulder6:18
Running out of Moves6:05
The Purpose of Spirituality7:41
Old Patterns and Behaviours8:03
Buddha Jekyll and Buddha Hyde5:07
Ego Cannot Live Without You7:45
Can the Seer Be Seen?6:15
Come Beyond the Bodymind Identity9:07
Keep Seated in the Armchair of the Beingness6:00
I Disappeared but Ego is Hiding8:30
Don't Limit Yourself6:25
The I-Am Wants an I-Am Mantra6:38
No 'Me', But No Bliss!9:16
Whatever you can perceive, You are not that4:09
Enlightenment is Our Natural State10:56
I Cannot Find a Specific 'Me'6:18
Duality is not a mistake6:49
The Purpose of Meditation6:24
Mooji Answers - Intro1:16