The Calling


The Calling (2018) is traditional Armenian duduk music in its most intimate, heart stirring portrayal by this contemporary musician. Karuna (Dmitry Kobzarenko) is clearly a true heart musician whose deep spiritual connectedness allows us to be pulled into the vastness of the supreme Self through the gift of his music. Moojibaba’s voice and presence brings added depth as he shares poetic utterances from himself, Rumi, Hafiz, the Holy Bible and the Ashtavakra Gita. This beautiful album also features other instruments such as the cello, piano, handpan, rubab and saz. Being immersed in The Calling is a profoundly enjoyable and deep experience. It does indeed call us inside the room of our own being to receive a deep darshan of the timeless Truth.

Comes with a very beautiful 21 page booklet.


01 Dance of the Mystics
Marc Planells
(Lyrics) 06:09
02 Nightflight
Sara Ghiasi
(Lyrics) 04:45
03 Bird of Heaven
Lluis Martinez Ten
(Lyrics) 05:09
04 On the Way to the Beloved (Love Never Fails)
Lluis Martinez Ten
(Lyrics) 06:35
05 The Fire of Your Love
Sri Devi, Martin Rixen
(Lyrics) 06:50
06 Awakening
Benno Sinkwitz, Shankari
(Lyrics) 04:52
07 The Beloved Moving Inside My Being
Lluis Martinez Ten
08 I Am Not Troubled by This World
Martin Rixen
(Lyrics) 05:41
09 Longing
Benno Sinkwitz, Lluis Martinez Ten, Martin Rixen, Omkara
(Lyrics) 08:28
10 The Calling
Joey Murrell, Omkara
11 Morning Light
Martin Rixen, Lluis Martinez Ten
(Lyrics) 07:16

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