The Seed of Awakening Is in Every Human Being — A Dialogue with Patrick Kicken

8 Nov, 2018 | 1:10:01

“We intuitively know we are not in a perfect place. If we were in a perfect place within our being, our lives would feel much more complete and harmonious. There is a deeper knowing than our culture, something to do with our being.”

In this spontaneous meeting with Patrick Kicken, Moojibaba offers profound insight into concepts such as mistakes and perfectionism, rules and spiritual evolution, and speaks of why enlightenment has to be inevitable. Moojibaba addresses the purpose of direct spiritual guidance as opposed to spontaneous utterances that can issue forth, time and again, from a saint or sage.

This interview is a true gem for those who are open to move from a philosophical understanding of enlightenment, truth, harmony and unity to a deeper clarity of being.

“About enlightenment, largely people don’t know what it means. They have an idea about it, but what I would try to convey is not just an explanation about it, but to actually invite them into the direct experience of what that means, what it is. When you wake up to the truth you will see that the one who was lost and searching for the Self was just inside your own dream. And these are practical, tangible discoveries that you experience.”


24 June 2018
Monte Sahaja, Portugal