“To Whom Should I Pray?”

20 Jun, 2018 | 13:24

In this Satsang excerpt, Moojibaba offers a beautiful response to this question, “to whom should I pray?” How is it that even the awakened Sage, who sees everything as one consciousness, may still praise God and display devotion to the Supreme?

Moojibaba reveals how both bhakti (devotion) and jnana (wisdom) are represented and expressed in the awakened mind and heart.

“What is God? The pure intelligence spirit being, eternal, formless. From where does love come? And this joy?

Thanks to the Supreme Consciousness. Thank you Supreme Being… rid me of anything that is hidden and merge me with you completely.”

An excerpt from the Satsang,
The Self Image Is Being Replaced by the Self

Zmar, Portugal
16 April 2018