I Want to See the God in You — Moojibaba speaks about encountering negativity online

17 May, 2018 | 1:08:01

This profound talk is triggered by a question about encountering negativity online and in social media. Why does there seem to be so much negativity in the world? Should we engage with it or try to stay detached and uninvolved? How to respond when someone is attacking yourself or someone you love and respect?

Moojibaba addresses these questions and brings them into the larger looking of Satsang and self-inquiry. All things are the play of consciousness, and yet, sometimes you have to make a stand. How will you know?

“From the mind comes this invitation to get entangled, to become personal. When you’re personal, although you are consciousness, you are in your weakest state. You have to be guided by your own inner GPS—you may call it your conscience or your spiritual sensitivity… I like to remind people to become aware of themselves as consciousness, rather than person. Get accustomed to thinking as consciousness, because when you do, that personal venom loses its sting.

It is the belief in personhood which I feel is at the source and root of all sorrow in the world. It’s the thing that you must overcome to experience what we call liberation, spiritual awakening, self-realisation, salvation. The food of that liberation is served by the same chef to serve the different temperaments of every being. It’s the most exquisite thing imaginable.”

27 April 2018
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


Music: “Shiva Nataraj” by Martin Rixen

Here is a Letter from Monte Sahaja that was shared in response to questions that come to us occasionally regarding some online rumours, slander and allegations about Mooji, the Sangha and Monte Sahaja, Mooji’s home and ashram in Portugal.