Online Disinformation & Slander

Resources and Sharings about Online Negativity

Why are we even addressing this online negativity?

~ Siddhartha, Mooji TV Coordinator & Monte Sahaja Resident

Wouldn’t it be better to just ignore these negative voices, and as Mooji has often told us, “stay above the clouds of the mind”?

One obvious reason is that many are already encountering these things online, and when they are read without any kind of rebuttal or response, it can be easy to assume that there must be some truth in these accusations.

We may not easily understand why people would be so driven to try to undermine Mooji or his satsangs, to the point where they will fabricate lies, hide behind false personas, and spend so much time and energy finding any detail they can to distort and present to others in a negative light. Particularly for those of us who have had the privilege and blessing to experience the great love and freedom that is the spiritual climate in Monte Sahaja, it can be hard to fathom.

Many of the comments in such threads can seem very intelligent, often presenting loaded spiritual and psychological buzzwords like “gaslighting”, “spiritual by-passing”, and so on. But there is also an insidious darkness that betrays itself in many crude examples of dark, twisted humour that seems to delight in the suffering of others.

It is my feeling that this darkness is something we, as a sangha, must face. We each face it individually in many ways, both within ourselves and in the world at large, and at times it seems that we are called to face it as a collective, to come together and grow in our wisdom and discernment. Not to react to it from an emotional identification, but to see it clearly for what it is, to expose it, reject it, and rise above it.

It is not about a war with any particular individual. May anyone who has fallen into such a pit, by the grace of God, find their way out of it. But the evil states and tendencies which are being nurtured by such groups ought to be challenged. Always, it begins in ourselves, but there comes a time where we must also stand up and declare our own Truth, because this strengthens our own being and the wider sangha.

I stand completely with Mooji and this sangha. By following the guidance Mooji has offered us, which I have found to be completely in alignment with the teachings of all the great sages and Masters of many traditions, I am finding great peace, clarity and stillness within myself every day. Confronting these negative energies brings up strong emotions, but I take it as an opportunity to strengthen the detached observing which is at the heart of Mooji’s guidance. In this way I acknowledge and honour Mooji’s pointing that “even our challenges are sent by God.”

In my relationship with Mooji, I have always found that incredible paradox of a being who is at once the most accessible and down-to-earth, and the most profound. This sangha is my family—we are always growing in mutual love and respect. Challenges come, differences of perspective and opinion present themselves, but Mooji has always set the gold standard of openness and inclusivity, as well as clarity and strength. No one is excluded unless we exclude ourselves, which is a tendency I know quite well from my own conditioning. Unchecked, these feelings of being excluded or rejected or unrecognised can fester into deep resentments, judgments and even hatred.

When it comes to such deep negativities, the truest response I feel within myself is to offer everything up to the light of God, including any ego, pride, sense of special-ness or separateness. In the end, it is all in His hands.

All glory to God. May this life fully honour all that I have been so blessed to receive. May we all grow through the storms of life, in whatever form they take, in whatever path we are called to follow.

Thank you for reading,

Mooji TV Coordinator & Monte Sahaja Resident


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6 months ago

Thank you for this reflection brother and for stepping forward to stand with the truth, and bringing light to the blessing of Mooji’s presence and pointings that so many of us feel. I love how you call us into deeper introspection, to challenge the false wherever it resides—in the world, online or even in ourselves.

gyan r de rover
6 months ago

Dear Ones,
thank you for your open letters,expressions of Wisdom and Love.
As i,m not involved in tv etc. a lot of this negativity has no place in my world, i consciously avoid it.
The things Shree writes about don,t surprise me,it,s an expression of the (ignorant)egomind and almost a “normal”thing in this world.
My way is not to give attention to it when it crosses my path,but use it as an opportunity to watch how my mind should want to react on it,…and then we come to the difference between the mind,s way and the way of the heart/being, Choice!
If all comes from God,what to say? Thank you!,although difficult sometimes,then sit for a while with it, or 2 whiles,3…………..
The strange (?)thing is i also can understand this negativity and it,s source,the unaware,ignorant,fearful mind,as being part of this humanity,Only by God,s Grace i am given this opportunity to transcend this,put it in the Light of Truth,Love,with the guidance and Love of my Master Moojibaba, and with the Love and support of the Sangha
This is my Blessing,my richness,nothing compared to it,
I wish that we as Sangha can take these things as an opportunity to strenghten in our Being, and may the ignorance and blindness of the ones who express in this way their suffering be put in the in the Light and thus dissolve in their Hearts.
All my Love and Gratitude to Moojibaba, thanks to Him i can write this,
and my Love and Gratitude for my Sanghafamily,,who made me feel during my stay in Monte Sahaja to be in a normal,healthy human society,
and Love and Graitude to the worldwide Sanghafamily, who is a mirror and reflection for me in the meetings and retreats,bless you all.

6 months ago

Thank you Shree and Siddhartha for your authentic sharing 
There appear to be many atrocities going on in the world today and much deceit and attempts to manipulate, control and dominate people, it seems 

It feels like what is presented is often an inversion of reality somehow 

What is portrayed as light is often dark 
and what is portrayed as dark is actually light!

‘Fair is foul and foul is fair’ Macbeth 

Thank goodness for places like Monte Sahaja that are a beacon of light, truth, simplicity, love and peace.  
Thank God for Mooji who’s humble simple life is dedicated to alleviate suffering and bring unity and awakening to the one indivisible True Self 
Monte Sahaja is a centre for Self Realisation. A place for beings to come and awaken to their own true nature and find lasting happiness and freedom from the grip of the ego mind.  
Ego identity is the real tyrant in this life and Mooji simply offers a way (as have many sages) to observe and transcend this tyranny and discover the pure limitless heart of being.  
The womb of compassion 

I have been around this sangha and Mooji for 10 years and been to many retreats and have stayed at Monte Sahaja several times for long periods 
What a blessing!  
Never have I sensed anything remotely like what has been described in some of these unfortunate misleading portrayals online.  
I do not accept these as true at all.  

I have always felt so blessed by this auspiciousness and the effects on my life have been so profound and beautiful. The vibration of love and light in the sangha field is so uplifting, supportive and inspiring. Creativity flows so harmoniously in the Sahaja and I have always experienced Mooji to be full of love for everyone and everything. He sees the highest in each one. In this we are truly one.  

Any lover of God, any sage or prophet is so often attacked ridiculed and demonised by mainstream thinking.  Why? Because the pointing is so powerful.  
Look at Christ in the cross. Rejected and cruelly killed by the people 
 ‘Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do’. 
‘Love your enemies’  
God bless you all and may we all awaken to the simple timeless Truth 
– I especially bless and forgive those who seem to want to slander or degrade such purity and grace.
Thank to you everyone – with so much love and gratitude 

Brigitte Pesando
6 months ago

I feel confident with what my heart is telling me.. love and light are truly Mooji s message

seemanta seemanta
6 months ago

I don’t have any social media accounts but I spend a lot of time on YouTube and I find
absolutely no negativity there at all. Mooji has a very welcome and large presence on YouTube.
People should be very careful from where they get their information. Pranams to Shree Mooji Baba, blessings on his pointings, and gratitude to the global sangha for sharing this precious gift.

Sumantra Paul
6 months ago

Even though this subject of online negativity can seem heavy, when reading your letter I was so uplifted, like being washed clean with pure spirit. Your heart, wisdom and clarity truly shines. Having seen you grow over the many years I’ve known you is an inspiration. 

6 months ago

Even in times like this where darkness seem to be thriving in the world, it is so powerful to witness the power of Love in action. Love wrote this testimony’s through Shree and Siddhartha today, and this Love is greatly felt in my Heart. 
I was not so aware of those hate groups towards Guruji and the Sangha but I feel honoured and humbled to be part of this Heart Family and to feel the Love pouring trough in every single opportunity, even in this response to such unbelieveble claims. Bless you Guruji! Bless you Sangha! May we grow together in Light and understanding and Lit the whole world! 🙏🏼🤍✨

Laise Maria Poerner
6 months ago


Alfonso Arellano Cano
6 months ago

“Me recuerda mucho al papel de Arjuna en el Bhagavad Gita. Es importante hacer la acción correcta en este mundo. Gracias por todo y mucho, Amado Moojibaba, Amado Sangha. Gratitud eterna”.

Nitya Samoshchenko
6 months ago

Yes, this is a good question and I love the way you opened it up.Thanks for writing this.