Jai Sahaja

Live Bhajans


Jai Sahaja! was recorded live in Rishikesh with Moojibaba in 2016.

These bhajans are not just music, they are pure love, grace and joy emanating from the heart of Being. Hear and sing these songs and fall upwards into the arms of the Beloved.


01 Mooji Baba Mantra
Mooji Sangha
(Lyrics) 03:05
02 Om Bhagavan Sri Ramana
Mooji Sangha
(Lyrics) 11:26
03 Jai Ganesha
Mooji Sangha, Ashik Lynch
(Lyrics) 07:00
04 Jaya Gurudeva
Mooji Sangha, Bholenath
(Lyrics) 09:41
05 Shivaram
Mooji Sangha, Krishnabai
(Lyrics) 07:58
06 Om Shakti
Mooji Sangha, Bholenath
(Lyrics) 08:36
07 Ram Ram
Mooji Sangha, Prakash
(Lyrics) 09:42
08 Hare Krishna
Mooji Sangha, Prakash
(Lyrics) 12:43

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