Heart to Heart

The Timeless One

Within the great being... there are no residential things. There is only the dance of phenomenality watched inside the great vastness - the source of all manifestation. Know you are not an object. You are pure awareness itself. Be timelessly happy. It is not enough to believe you are awareness - you cannot believe in awareness, you can only be awareness. Awareness is not a stage to be reached, it is immutable. Allow this recognition to reveal the true Self - awareness is ever present. Look as awareness itself and you will recognise that you are before all beginnings and after all endings. You are before time itself. This cannot be taught. It can only be known through intuitive insight. Observe how it is to be when you are not waiting, not expecting, when being is enough - complete. Entertain one thought and quickly it becomes two, three a thousand - then you are following, not flowing. Stay as the Self and none of this will happen. The Self is unmoving - stillness prevails everywhere. When the rain falls and you are in a dry place you don’t get wet. When the rain of thoughts comes, stay sheltered in the Self. Your place is to be established in the space which is beyond quality. Timeless, Limitless, Complete. There is no ‘other’ there. It is before all beginnings. It is not a space of creativity - avoid imaginings. The most simple is indivisible, whole, ineffable - Everything is at rest, even the state of rest itself is observed. Time does not exist here. This is the source of the mind itself - Everything that you see, Including the sense I Am Arises from here. The Self is not going anywhere, It did not arrive from anywhere, it is the infinite Self, the Divine, the Timeless One… Om Namah Shivaya

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