By Your Grace

Live Music from the Heart of Satsang


By Your Grace (2017) is a selection of soul-stirring songs played by the sangha at the end of the satsangs with Moojibaba. The spiritual atmosphere in which these songs were performed—an energy field of pure grace—makes them especially powerful and deeply touching. Each song carries a unique fragrance of the Divine, with words and music that set the mystical heart alight with the flame of love.

Salutations to Sri Moojibaba—the pure manifestation of grace, love, Truth and the inspiration behind these songs.


01. The Crown on My Head
Govinda, Mira
(Lyrics) 05:30
02. Moojiji Show Me the Way
Dawid Osial
(Lyrics) 04:50
03. Heer
Ananda, Gurdeep
(Lyrics) 03:54
04. Holy Father
(Lyrics) 02:53
05. Jesus Loves Me
Jasmine Michaels
(Lyrics) 03:40
06. Boje, Sveti
Sanoja, Govinda
(Lyrics) 05:19
07. Door of My Heart
(Lyrics) 05:03
08. O Carvalho
Martin Rixen
09. Amazing Grace
Omkara, Kat Wright, Maggie Clifford
(Lyrics) 05:15
10. At the Feet of the Guru
(Lyrics) 06:11
11. By Your Grace
Bam Bhole Bhajans
(Lyrics) 07:25
12. The Papaji Song
Omkara, Lluis Marinez Ten
(Lyrics) 05:02
13. You
(Lyrics) 05:56
14. Here I Am Lord
(Lyrics) 05:16

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