From the Silence

Closing Prayers

Om Dya-yamo davala-vagun-tana-vadim Tejo-mayim naish-tikim Snig-dha-panga-vilo-kinim Bhaga-vadim Mandas-mita –Sri-mukhim Vatsalya-mrita varshinim suma-dharam Sankir-tanala-pinim Shya-mangim Madhu-sikta-suktim Amrita-nandat-mikam Iswarim (English translation) We meditate upon the Supreme Goddess, who is robed in pure white raiment, the resplendent one, who is ever established in the Supreme Truth, whose benign glances beam with binding love, the revered one whose divine face beams with a soft graceful smile, who incessantly showers the nectar of motherly love, who sings the glories of God most sweetly, whose limbs shine with the complexion of rain clouds, whose words are soaked in honey; The Supreme Goddess Herself who is the very embodiment of Immortal Bliss.

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