Everyone is longing to be in Sahaja, God is alive and potent here. When the psychological mind has no significance for you, it will come to rest in Sahaja, as Sahaja. Naturally you will see that God and your Being are One. Your true self is the same as Ram, Krishna, Mooji and Ramana. ere is no difference. In Krishna’s form you play as Krishna Raas Lila. In Guru Nanak’s form you stand as truth. In Sri Mooji’s form you are the pure rainfall of love, truth and wisdom. In Ramana’s form you are supreme silence. O my Beloved, come to Satsang and enter in true Sangha. The veil of doubt and delusion will be lifted to reveal the Sahaja within. Bliss emerges from Sahaja. Come to Sahaja, my brothers and sisters, you will find only One is living there. Guruji and Sahaja is not different, your thirst for freedom will be satisfied. The nectar of love and wisdom is flowing in Sahaja, day and night a downpour of Satsang.

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