Guru Meri Puja

Satguru Hai

The Satguru alone exists. He himself alone Is beyond body-mind and all phenomena, He has no beginning, no middle, no end. He is infinite, the space from and in which all phenomena appear. The Satguru alone exists, Higher than the highest. You can’t nd Him with worldly eyes. The Satguru alone exists. When your attention and energy return home to the Self, He will reveal Himself in your own Heart. The Satguru alone exists. Absorbed, unaffected by circumstances and conditions, there is no other for Him, Like moon and moonlight, the Satguru and the world are One. The Satguru alone exists. Choose to live, stay, remain with the Master. Place your head at His feet. You do not know the moment He will reveal Himself, His divine nectar, His mystery and love from within your own Being.

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