Heart to Heart



The voice and music of Prakash is deeply infused with the spirit of love in Heart to Heart (2017). Drink deeply the wine of these heart-songs and be absorbed by love itself – absorbed into the unity of Being. Prakash sings from the depths of his soul in these songs, pulling the listener choicelessly and effortlessly into the heart’s core.

On several tracks, Prakash is accompanied by the grace-filled utterances and singing of Moojibaba, as well as by the harmonies of Omkara, the huge heart of the Sangha Choir and the deep devotion of Krishnabai.


01. Ram Ram
Prakash, Mooji
(Lyrics) 06:41
02. Krishna Krishna
Prakash, Krishnabai
(Lyrics) 09:50
03. The Timeless One
Prakash, Mooji
(Lyrics) 05:35
04. Jaya Shiva Shankara
(Lyrics) 07:54
05. My Own Splendour
Prakash, Mooji, Omkara
(Lyrics) 02:42
06. Kad Procvatu Behari
(Lyrics) 06:24
07. Hare Krishna
Prakash, Omkara
(Lyrics) 11:32
08. Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
(Lyrics) 09:25
09. Hallelujah
(Lyrics) 04:06
10. Unchained Melody
(Lyrics) 03:47

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