Satsang Music

List of Artists:

Sam Garrett
JC Lemay
Nori Venugopal
Mooji sometimes invites friends to sing or to play music at Satsang. This page lists a few of these artists.

Sam Garrett Sam Garrett
Sam Garrett is here. You are about to meet him through his music. It is pure Soul music that emanates directly from the inner soul of Being. Here is a pure voice singing pure words — lyrics that pour out from the very womb of life.

Sam Garrett’s gift is a voice that can sing the sweetest Reggae then shift to deliver the most heart touching Bhajan. Many of you have already had a taste of this when Sam shared his form of Sat-songs featuring the beautiful voice of NyOh at the recent Satsang Intensive in London with Mooji. Like Mooji, a universal love pours out from Sam’s heart and this love is infecting more and more people around the globe. Perhaps this joy may soon touch your heart too.

Sam currently has three CDs available: Namaste, Be Easy, and Grace Acoustics (Part 1).

To find out more about Sam Garret’s music, visit
Sam’s music is available to download on iTunes.

JC LemayJC Lemay is a musician and composer who lives in Paris. Working for a major music company, he’s producing pieces in a pretty large variety of musical genres, nevertheless, he has a preference for chill out, ambient, dub, trip-hop, and downtempo styles.

Affected by this serious illness called “spiritual seeking” since a young age, he was deeply touched by his recent meeting with Mooji, first through videos and then in satsangs, feeling inwardly that he finally found a cure to his disease. Following a call from the heart, he gratefully started to put some of Mooji’s words of Truth to music.

Nori VenugopalNori Venugopal was born in Japan in 1952. At the age of 19, he left Japan to travel to India. Since that time, Nori has been living a ‘vagabond’ life. Along the way, the bamboo flute (both playing and making them) and the spiritual quest have captured him most. For more than 20 years, he has devoted much of his time and heart into making bamboo flutes — the Shakuhachi, Quena, and the Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). Flute-making has become his path, as well as Advaita Vedanta.

Nori is currently living in Tiruvannamalai, India at the foot of the Holy Mountain Arunachala, the same town in which the Great Sage Ramana Maharshi lived. He continues to make new Bansuri flutes every day.

OmkaraOmkara composes music which is a combination of world, new age, and minimalistic, and also sings in Satsang. She was trained in classical piano and sang in a choir for most of her childhood. In recent years, she became interested in Sanskrit chanting and began incorporating these beautiful chants – these names of God – into her songs. Since meeting beloved Mooji, she has begun to write songs which reflect the feelings and insights that have arisen in Satsang, and also sometimes uses the words of Mooji as lyrics in her songs.
From the Silence

ShreeShree is a vocalist of Dhrupad, which is the oldest form of North Indian Classical Music. Born in Japan in1959, she started her vocal training with Dr. Ritwik Sanyal (a master of the Dagar style of Dhrupad singing) in 1992 in Varanasi, and is nowadays giving performance. She is currently living in Tiruvannamalai, India.

SuryaneelSuryaneel is a Bansuri (indian bamboo flute) player, a world music performer, composer, and teacher. Born in France, since his childhood he has been longing for a music which appeals to the heart and happens fresh in the now. In India, where he has been living since 1996, he found an essential source of inspiration and guidance, studying the art of Raga (Hindustani Classical Music) with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Now based in Shangri-la (Diois, south eastern France), where he opened the Baba Allauddin Khan Center for Organic Music and Art of Living, in summer, and in Arambol (Goa, India) in winter, he keeps exploring connection with the inner being through musical expression, teaching and performances.
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JonagoldJonahgold is a musician, song-writer, sound-engineer etc, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. On his own label Goldheart Music, he produces and releases mainly reggae music with a strong tendency for working with artists with a spiritual message.

In the search for permanent peace of mind, Mooji showed up on the screen of consciousness (via youtube) in response to a prayer. Immediately, the authority and message was felt and recognised and the search was over. “It felt like I had been waiting my whole life to hear this.”

In devotion, “Goldie” has been putting Mooji’s words to music in a fashion similar to the traditional reggae-style called dub-poetry.

Apart from the musical vibes, he also works as a massage therapist and reflexologist.

All Mooji-remixes are available for free from:

Link Gold on facebook as “Jonahgold Goldheart”