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Beloved Mooji

The impact and power of satsang, can only be seen after satsang – back in daily routine life. The experience of a silent retreat has such a power, that socializing becomes a complete new aspect, an untouched aspect, quality-less . And it is marvelous how things are flowing when deep in “I” is silence and calmness.

Thoughts come and go, are seen and somehow the power of them are changed by some powerless power, I don’t know how to explain… And when the thought of a presence of “I” calms down, some other sense of truer “I” is arising and all the universe around me is calming down too.

A divine benefit. Nothing has to change; everything remains as what it is.

There is nothing that can be seen, not even perceived. There is only awareness of intuition as pure consciousness, formless solid emptiness in the core of the heart – eternal presence of good.

No words to explain my gratitude. Thank you so much beloved friend and master.

For the retreat in Lecce I would like so much to come for to see you. With O – my wife – something changed too. Now everything seems to go fine. Step after step, carefully. The view of us changed – no more unfulfillable expectations. And she is so happy with your book.

We will go together to Italy in that time. And with our child I don`t think its possible for us to attend the silent retreat. After the retreat, do you stay some days more, like in Tuscany? We would love so much to see you.

Hope to hear and to see You soon.

XXX all my love for you moojibaba

F (Switzerland)